Why a brand ambassador

By creating a custom designed character to act as your brand ambassador you not only receive a strong identity and vehicle to deliver your content and messages, you also obtain a versatile asset that can be used across all of your collateral. Your character can come to life in short films or become an interactive avatar for online platforms. From print to live events your character can provide strong brand recognition but most importantly, engagement with your target audience.

Gert from the Gerni power grip TVC

The key benefits are:

Broad Appeal

Their audience appeal stretches across ages, gender and cultures. Audiences can more easily relate to animated characters rather than the preconceived judgment that often comes with using a real person.


Because animated characters are more engaging, the result is a higher retention of information.


They are ageless, providing longevity across trends and fashions, providing a great return on investment.


The audience affinity with the character can reduce anxiety and enrich otherwise dry and difficult content.

Goldie and Bear from the Disney Junior promo

For over 12 years we have consistently delivered impactful, engaging and entertaining solutions as a Sydney based animation and production studio. Whether it’s a tv commercial, game or online video, we’ve covered it all. We’ve helped educate, inspire and empower using both animation and live action.